We cover a wide area of beef, sheep and dairy farms across Northumberland offering routine visits, herd health planning and emergency veterinary attention.

We try and tailor service levels to individual farmer requirements as some only want the ‘fire brigade’ emergency service whereas others have regular routine visits and / or preventative medicine programs in place.

All our clients are equally valued and are provided with a high level of care.


Farm Veterinary Services

Our services include:

We are also fully equipped to deal with emergency situations such as colic, fractures, traumatic wounds and injuries at any time of the day or night.

For general advice and information, please do not hesitate to contact us, or consult our advice sheets below.

Farm advice


Colostrum is vital for protection against diseases of the newborn, because it is the source of the antibodies that defend against these diseases until the animal can develop its own defences.


Clostridial Disease

Vaccination against clostridial diseases is best done prior to turnout. Often youngstock do not get protected in the rush to get them ouside. Diseases caused by bacteria of the Clostridial group are common in all species;


Feel free to contact David, Beckie or Suzie should you wish advice in further detail.

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