Intake Veterinary Services Limited

what to do in an emergency

What to do in an emergency

In case of an emergency it is vital that the on duty vet gets to you as quickly as possible to ensure the best treatment for your horse, alpaca or farm animal.

Out of hours includes after 5pm and before 8am on Mon to Fri and all of Saturday and Sunday.

We have one vet on duty each night, and one vet on duty each weekend. There will always be an Intake vet on duty, with the exception of the Christmas party, where we will arrange for an alternative vet to be on duty for us.

If you have an emergency please ring your normal vet as soon as possible, alternatively you can ring the office on 01434 606033 and select option 1 to be put through to the vet on call.

We CANNOT respond to emergencies via text or facebook.

The vet may be out on the road, so you may have to leave a message and the duty vet will get back to you, so it is vital that you call the on duty vet to ensure your horse, alpaca or farm animal is seen to.

Contact Numbers

Nick Freeman : 07764 826 668

David J. Parkins : 07734 489 598

Sam Thompson : 07500 040 140

Suzie Yeend : 07961 119 777

Louise Bedford : 07949 582 122

Lizzy May : 07508 904 711

Poppy Izat : 07985 789 488