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Save Yourself Money on Vaccines

We charge a different rate for vaccines depending how many horses we see at the yard:

Number of horses seen on the yard:Price for a Flu or Flu/Tet VaccinationPrice for a Tetanus Vaccine
10 or more£25£22
Recommend us to a friend and get £5 off your vaccine as well as benefiting from the group discount.

For example, you were going to get just your horse vaccinated, which would have cost £70 for the single callout, but you recommend us to a couple of friends and they get their horses vaccinated at the same time. The cost to you now is £28 (a 3 horse vaccine charge with two £5 discounts), saving you a massive £42! Cost to your friends: £38 each.

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Note: At Intake Vets, we use Proteq Flu as our equine flu vaccine. This is the only flu vaccine specifically updated to include the latest strain of the equine flu vaccine. It does cost us a few pounds more but it is the only vaccine recommended to combat the latest strains of flu. Some of the larger corporate practices are using older vaccines which cost them a few pounds less – we think this is a false economy.

Save Yourself Money on Dental Work

We always like to combine dentals with vaccinations. Very few horses need dental work more than once a year, so it means they get an annual ‘MOT’ from the vet.

If you get your horse’s teeth done at the same time as your vaccination, you get your vaccine at a reduced price of £50.

For example: your horse is due his/her vaccination and dental. At full price, this would be £70 for the vaccination plus £72 for the dental = £142. However, you qualify for the reduced vaccine charge so it would actually be £122. You recommend us to a friend and we do their horse’s teeth at the same time saving you another £10, ie: £112

Currently dentals are £72 including sedation. Don’t forget, we do dentistry to the highest standards. We will always fully check the mouth with a mirror, making sure there are no hidden causes of dental pain and discomfort. We make absolutely sure that the teeth are fully ‘floated’ and comfortable for the horse, especially right at the back of the mouth where many dentists struggle to do a decent job.

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